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Eraclea - old town centre

The name Eraclea was mentioned for the first time in an official document in a papal bull, precisely that of Pope Severino in 640, through which two new dioceses were founded: Torcello and Eraclea. The origins of this centre's history date from much earlier.
About the middle of the 7th century Eraclea was the biggest town of the estuary and had important business and diplomatic relations both with the Byzantine and the Longobard Court of Pavia.
Under the Venice government, Eraclea lived an age of splendour. Memorable was the reconquest of the city of Ravenna, under the leadership of the Doge Orso Partecipazio.

Eraclea Mare, a peaceful stretch of sand

Between the dunes and the pinewood, the rays of the sun arrive milder and temperated by the shade, and the noise from the surrounding world is muffled. Eraclea beach looks like a stolen corner of Paradise, a sea and nature oasis, where you can relax, plunged in the most luxuriant gardens.

Eraclea Mare is the ideal place for a family holiday, where you can be cuddled by the soft sound of the sea waves and play with the kids on a not crowded beach.