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Villa Brusoni Scalella

ville venete



Villa Brusoni Scalella, is situated on the right bank of the Brenta river, between Dolo and Mira.
It consist of the “barchessa” with the oratory and the owner’s house lenghtened by rooms perfectly one after the other that create an agreeable perspective amusement. The room that face to the park was decorated and painted by the venetian painter Milo Bortoluzzi in 1914.
Valuable is it’s park to the architect Giuseppe Jappelli, that made today one of the most interesing of all the park of the bank’s Brenta river, with it’s particular and encharming botanical and structural characteristic.

The element that distinguish this park from the others, is without doubt, the water that cross the whole property with a moltitude of small rivers and channels so well articulated, that it confirm the expert Jappelli’s hand.
The water come from the Brenta, and branch out in two brooks, that form the small lakes, creating suggestional and romantics corners.
Jappelli, that was an hydraulic engineer, utilized the most of his talent for realize intresting handworks like the watermill, situated behind the fish pond, that pump the water in a underground duct feeding the fountain near the hause.
Caracteristical things of this park are the neorenaissance tower with it’s ice-hause, the fisher house on the biggest lake (behind that, there is a pleasant little waterfall), the fallow house and some little woodeed bridges.
Numerouses are the arboreal essences like bigger beeches, platans,oaks and very beautyful sequoia.

Address and Info

Address: Via Ettore Tito 76, Dolo - Ve

AreaVenezia, Riviera del Brenta, Dolo


Opening times: upon reservation


Reduced price for: groups min 20

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