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Museum of San Marco (Basilica di San Marco)



The new Museum has been conceived as an instrument for the comprehension of the massive spiritual, cultural and material heritage of the basilica of St. Mark and as a journey through the worship objects and works of art that are part of this heritage.
The collocation inside the museum of St. Mark's horses in 1982 and the restoration of many works between the 80s and 90s have imposed a renewal of the exhibition area, started since 1986.
The Museo of St. Mark has three main themes: the Mosaics, the Tapestries, the Quadriga and the Antique, that is the evidence of the ducal power, ideological synthesis of St. Mark's heritage.
The exhibition is arranged in the gallery. The brick structure, consisting of alternate arches and pendentives supporting the domes, repeats the construction type of the basilica in undecorated form.

The visit ends on the terrace where one can admire the St. Mark's area facing the square, the Ducal Palace, the quay and, in the distance, the island of San Giorgio: the heart of the city and the early state.

Address and Info

Address: Piazza S.Marco, 30124, Venezia

AreaVenezia, City Center, San Marco

Tel.: (+39)0415225205




Opening times: 9.45am-4.45pm, daily


Full price: 5

Reduced price: 2.5