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In evidence

Barrier free itineraries

For disabled people, the project 'Venezia città per tutti' offers information and suggestions.The kit 'Accessible Venice' is available at the Public Relations Offices of Venice Municipalities ...

april 12, 2015 - november 30, 2015

Martial Raysse

Palazzo Grassi, Venezia

Monographic exhibition dedicated to French artist Martial Raysse

february 2, 2015 - april 12, 2015

Venetian art galleries and photography

Casa dei Tre Oci

The Casa dei Tre Oci spaces, within the project 'Tre Oci Tre Mostre / Giudecca photography', is featuring a selection of photographic works collected from six Venetian art galleries whose interest in ...

march 6, 2015 - july 5, 2015

Henri Rousseau: Archaic candour

Palazzo Ducale, Venezia

A central figure in figurative art between the end of the 19th century and the revolutionary period of the avant-garde movements, and famous for his dreamlike atmospheres, forests and enchanted ...

february 13, 2015 - april 12, 2015

Masterpieces from the Museum on Russian Impressionism of Moscow

Palazzo Franchetti - Istituto Veneto di Scienze Lettere ed Arti, Venezia

The exhibition is organized by Centro Studi sulle Arti della Russia (CSAR) at the Universita Ca'Foscari, Venice


Discover the area

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Venezia is

Art & Culture

Ateneo Veneto

The Ateneo Veneto, as its own statute declares, is an important institution for the promulgation of ...

Sea & Nature

Parks of Mestre, Bissuola and San ...

The Bosco and Grandi Parchi Organization is a profit agency of the Venice Municipality aimed at the ...

Local Recipes & Products

'Risotto del Doge' recipe

Word is that Risotto del Doge was Giacomo Casanova's favorite dish.At least that's what is written ...


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