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The Pinewood of Eraclea



Wood fragrances on the seashore


Even if you keep in mind that Eraclea Mare attained the title of Green Pearl of the high Adriatic you cannot have the right idea of the real scenery and atmosphere created by its natural environment. You must think about the resin sweet smell of 3.500 pines forming all together the shape of an open umbrella, as silent creatures behind the beach; you also must think about a wide beach made up by small dunes covered with tamarisks, extended as a three kilometres long soft unbroken strip along the sea.
Looking at the territory, at the coast - chosen every year by thousands bathers - and at the luxuriant pinewood, you wouldn't say that there is over one century work behind all this. It took in fact one century and a half the reclamation work that transformed this area into a holiday resort in deep contact with nature.
Behind the today's Eraclea Mare there are thousands farm labourers and the efforts of whole generations.
Crucial was the land reclamation of 'Livenzuola', the territory stretching between the Revedoli Canal and the sea, but as important as this was the owner of this plot of land, Marco Aurelio Pasti.

He was in fact the one who picked the pine nuts of the pinus italicus in the pinewood of Ravenna and let sow them along the coast, reafforesting in this way the land facing the sea and starting the growing up of the magnificent pinewood as well as, together with it, of the new Eraclea Mare.


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Address: 30020, Eraclea