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Eraclea : the river Piave and the Litoranea Veneta



Eraclea, which has ancient ties with Jesolo, and yet was divided from it in a long history of bitter territorial rivalry, is another focal point for these cycle-touring routes.
Eraclea nestles beside the left embankment of the River Piave.
This great river has now reached the final stretch before flowing into the Upper Adriatic Gulf a few kilometres away, where its waters merge with the warm, shallow waters of the sea.
On this excursion, the cycle-tourist will enjoy the last tract of this great river course, which is still suspended above the surrounding reclaimed land of the countryside, as well as a stretch of the Litoranea Veneta (waterway) which branches out of the Piave to flow east to mingle with the cool waters at the mouth of the Livenza River.
Out of season, it is a bright and remote environment, with the scents and musical sounds of the river wafting on the breeze which blows gently from the sea.


Route: Torre di Fine, Revedoli, Porte del Revedoli, Marina di Eraclea, Duna Verde, Brian, Torre di Fine, Ponte La Spiga, Via Tre Cai, Revedoli, Torre di Fine
Departure: Torre di Fine
Distance: 26 km
Duration: 3 hrs
Note: short stretches of the route i.e. roads which lead to seaside resorts, may be congested during the summer months


From the little square in front of the church of Torre di Fine, go towards the beach, and turn right immediately, along Via Revedoli. Cycle along beside the straight canal of the same name, which flows parallel to the coastline; go straight ahead at a crossroads and pass under the road bridge which leads to Marina di Eraclea.
The road now runs between the canal and an array of little houses which make up the waterside village of Revedoli. Mooring places and fishing tackle highlight the close bond which still exists between man and the river.
When you are near the bridge of boats, which connects the opposite bank of the River Piave, bear left and follow an unsurfaced track which runs along beside the initial tract of the Canale Revedoli.
You soon come to the pIace where the Canal branches out from the River Piave, near the Porte (lockgates) which used to mark the continuation eastwards of the historical Litoranea Veneta. The landscape is both fascinating and enchanting with the derelict constructions of the Porte, the lock-keepers cottage on the opposite bank, and towards the river, reed thickets and the great suspended fishing nets beyond, where seagulls weave together in an incessant wheeling and plunging.

When you reach the main road again, turn right and after a kilometre you cross the bridge over Canale Revedoli, on your way to Marina di Eraclea. This seaside resort is the greenest in the Upper Adriatic, since it is literally submerged in the dark green depths of an extensive eighty-year-old pine forest.

Turn left at the first crossroads and cycle east behind the little town; alternatively, you can go along the high street, Via Dancalia, turning left at the crossroads with Via Marin.
You then go along the straight road which goes through the flat and treeless Tenuta Pasti estate, riding parallel to the coast.
The scenery is pretty with huge prarie-like cultivated fields.
Go straight ahead when the road forks, passing a few turnings which enter tourist seaside villages, and you are soon in the Valle Altanea, an area of reclaimed land which was drained during the mid 60s; part of it has been turned into an undulating, green golf course.
Take the second exit of the roundabout (i.e. left) which lies in the centre of the agricultural land of Valle Altanea, and in just under two kilometres you come to the waterside village of Brian.


Cross the bridge over Canale Largon (a natural continuation of the Revedoli) and turn right; once you have passed the small village, you reach the Porte di Brian, a huge sluicegate which prevents salt water from infiltrating the irrigation chanels of the reclaimed land.
Having paused to admire the scenery around the picturesque water crossroads, follow the road which skirts Canale Largon and takes you to Torre di Fine. Alternatively, those of you with mountain-bikes can get to Torre di Fine by riding along the lovely trail on the top of the left embankment of the Canale Revedoli, marked in green on the map.

The following stretch is particularly beautiful with its succession of orchards, rural dwellings, large farms (Gaggia and Pasti agenzie) and country-houses, built specially on the newly reclaimed land, and surrounded by trees and even rice-fields - the only ones left in the area between the Piave and Livenza rivers.

On the threshold of the village of Torre di Fine stands an austere pumping station, evidence of the not so distant past of this area, which is surrounded by a network of link-channels, but these were unfortunately covered over a few years ago.

At Torre di Fine turn right into Via Tommaseo and head north beside a drainage channel. You come to the bridge of Tenuta La Spiga (farm) and you go along the minor road for about 700 metres until you get to a turning on the left which takes you onto the straight road, Via Tre Cai.

This lane leads you through reclaimed land whose layout harks back to the traditional share-farming system. Large peasants' houses, some of which have been renovated, are scattered over an open, green agricultural landscape.

Finally you come out onto the new thorough-fare which connects Eraclea and the coast; go straight on at the crossroads and keep going until you strike off left up onto the embankment of the River Piave.

You are just over a kilometre from the end of the excursion; turn left at the Revedoli crossroad, and you are soon back in Torre di Fine.

For the more adventurous, however, we suggest a little detour to visit the Laguna del Mort, which is easy to get to from Torre di Fine by following the embankment lane on the left bank of the Revedoli (marked in green). Leaving the lock-keeper's house behind you on your left, go along a path used by fisherrnen, taking care not to disturb them, and when you come out onto the shore of the River Piave where it is opening out to merge with the sea, you can lean your bike somewhere and continue on foot for a little.

You are in the midst of an untamed wilderness which has been left to the forces of nature and whose charm lies in the sense of desolation and neglect which permeates this lagoon.




Credits and Bibliography: Everything reported on this page (textes) is derived, as per kind accordance of the publisher, from the guide 'JESOLO ERACLEA...in bici tra bonifiche e laguna' - Michele Zanetti author - from the Guide Collection PEDALAFACILE, by the Publishing House ACHAB snc
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