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Museo Diocesano



The Museum stands next to the Cathedral. The building of the 90s is grafted on to the Episcopal Palace. It is dedicated to the martyrs Felice and Fortunato, patrons of the Diocese and divided into four sections. The southern wing houses the historical section with testimonies about the Diocese’s past from the beginning of the IV century to the Vatican Council II.

The western wing is reserved to the iconographical section: it houses works by Paolo Veneziano, Cima da Conegliano, G. Bellini, Palma Il Vecchio, A. Vicentino, M. A. Franceschini and A. Brustolon. The silver section, in the eastern wing, shows a wide exhibition of reliquaries and liturgical furnishings. The cathedral jewellery is particularly precious.

Close to this section there is an exhibition of devotional objects, symbol of the popular devotion. Finally, in the eastern wing, golden woods from an ancient object for the forty hours’ adoration and ather meaningful things.

Entrance from Piazzale Duomo (to the South of the Cathedral tower-bell).

Address and Info

Address: Via Sagraeto, 30015, Chioggia

AreaChioggia, Chioggia

Tel.: 041 5507477

Mobile: 347 9403773



Opening times: From June to August: Thursday 9 - 12 am; Friday 8.30 – 10.30 pm; 11th June (Patrons’ day): 10 – 12 am, 3 – 5.30 pm, 8.30 – 10.30 pm.

Additional informationFor groups and guided visits, book from 9.30 to 11.30 am (better on Monday and Thursday).


24 hours a day the museum has a recording video-filming system for security reasons. Inside the museum the use of cameras and camcorders is forbidden.  The Direction may grant exemptions for scientific and study reasons.